77 Mid Century Modern Bed – Bringing a Vintage Bedroom into Your Home

The vintage look is one of the most popular of all vintage bedroom design ideas, because of its versatility and classic look that still exude a modern touch. Vintage style beds have a unique look and can help give your room an elegant and modern look for your small bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom Decoration

For example, one way to bring the look of modernism into a vintage bedroom is by having an old wood frame with sleek lines, and sleek, clean lines. For more feminine appeal, you can use soft pastel colors or perhaps a white color that has been dyed. It’s important not to overdo the colors in your vintage bedding; it just makes your bedroom look even more modern. For a bit of romance and a hint of a romance, you can add some soft pink, purple or yellow to your vintage bedding.

If you want to bring out the vintage look more, you can get vintage bed sheets in red, black, or blue. For the top of the bed, try a vintage mid century style curtain, which will add a vintage twist to the overall look. For a little more classic look, you might want to get some vintage bed pillows with old wooden frames.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom

For those who want a little more privacy in their mid century modern bedroom, you can put in some antique looking pieces of art on the wall. You might want to get a framed photo or an old photograph in an album that has been mounted on velvet. These items will create a more traditional ambiance and make your room look just a tad more authentic.

If you want something a little less classic, but still adds a touch of class to your bedroom, you can get vintage beds in other designs. Vintage beds come in different styles such as the classic vertical look or the more traditional square look. You can also choose to add antique items to your vintage bed such as a quilt or an old vintage clock. For more modern touches, you can choose to put in some vintage lamps.

Vintage Bedroom and Mid Century Modern Bedroom

With this great vintage look for your mid century modern bedroom, you can add a little more color and spice to your room. You can get a lot of variety, and creativity when it comes to decorating your room with these vintage bedding pieces. These simple but elegant pieces of furniture will add a lot of sophistication and class to your bedroom.