75 Latest Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Trends

Modern Scandinavian Interior designs have become increasingly popular over the last ten years or so. This has come about as the country has grown more environmentally conscious. As a result of this, many Scandinavian designers have taken this interest into account when designing modern Scandinavian interior design. The result is that the Scandinavian countries have become increasingly popular with interior designers all around the world.

Modern Scandinavian Furniture

Many of the Scandinavian countries were ruled for many years by the Swedish Empire, which was based in Gothenburg. It also follows the minimalist movement of minimal decorations and neutral tones. Modern Scandinavian homes use lots of timber, highlighting its rich natural tones and grains.

These can range from the largest and most elaborate pieces to the smallest, most basic ones. These will usually complement one another and will have a uniform look throughout.

Use of Neutral Colors

Another characteristic of modern Scandinavian interior design is the use of neutral colours. This is often combined with other colours such as yellow, green and blue to create a more vibrant effect. The use of lighter colours such as red and orange helps to make the room appear larger, but doesn’t distract from the other furnishings.

Approach To Minimalist Decor

Another feature of this interior design tends to be a minimalist approach to decoration. The lack of ornamentation often comes across as a good thing, as there is not too much to distract from the furniture, and no clutter. Many of the furnishings are of a very simple design, such as traditional chairs, tables and sideboards, which may be made of wood or metal.

The use of mirrors in modern Scandinavian interior design gives the impression that the space is larger than it really is. This type of decoration is highly useful in terms of creating a comfortable feel, which is characteristic of Scandinavian style.